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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 14, 2011 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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nobel prize. thanks for inviting us into your he. don't forget, center street, tomorrow, former new mexico governor gary johnson, the next pres o'reilly factor is on. tonight... >> the right to protect yourself. protect your family and property. we call it the second amendment. >> a new "wall street journal" poll says herman cain is now leading we'll analyze the cani factor what. is driving his popularity? >> and rich or poor, middle class? no. >> and bad news for the democratic party and president obama. bill clinton is off the reservation. >> there is no role for the economy. and there are reports of
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rampant drug use in the ranks of the occupy wall street protest movement. the culture warriors on that. caution. you're about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. the herman cain factor that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. rasmussen is tied with 29% among likely voters. obviously mr. cain is taking a lot of perry's support. a "wall street journal" poll finds him leading but there is another element to the journal poll when asked about the general election, voters say the president would defeat
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mitt romney 46-44. that is a dead heat, considering the margin of error. herman cain loses to the president 49-38 herman cain's support is rock solid among conservative republicans they love him. and no nonsense social positions. he's impressive in debates, now has become strong presence within the republican party. but the truth is that president obama would love to run against herman cain because independent voters are far less likely to vote for him than mitt romney. as propertied red if mr. obama doesn't get the majority of the independent votes he loses. conservative principles deserve to be spotlighted because liberal strategies failed. it's obvious to most of us america needs to get back to free marketplace and fair competition, unfettered by federal intrusion. cain supports tax reform.
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and is business friendly, we need that. the problem is that mr. cain lacks legislative experience and nos -- knows little about global affairs. independent minded americans understand that because of the trouble the inexperienced barack obama has had. the next president must know how to deal with china, putin and the powerful iranian threat there. is no room for on the job training. but talking points says... three cheers for herman cain. he's made the primary season very interesting. and now for the top story, rick perry's decline in popularity hit home. speaking in south carolina today, his wife said this. >> we have been brutalized and eaten up in the press. and i mean we're being brutalized by our opponents. in our own party. so much that is i because of
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this stage. >> joining us now with reaction is radio talk show star and analyst laura ingram. it seems mrs. perry believes that her husband has been singled out or scorn because of religious beliefs. do you buy that? >> i think it's, she's right it's been a tough month for him. as his wife, i mean, she's probably hurting for him. the truth, i think is that when you get into this race as michelle bachmann found and as last time around, mike huckabee found and sara palin found as a vice presidential nominee, the media and others are going to be hard on you, scrutinize your records look at you on the stage alongside other candidates. you're going to have to match a standard of excellence that makes people feel reassured about your abilities beyond governing your state and beyond record in the state that you're in.
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so i don't think it's anything to do with his faith and everything to do with a comfort level people want to have. i think by the polls we few there are a lot of people who wanted rick perry to soar from the beginning. and he has to take himself across the finish line. i think in the end as his wife will agree with that. >> here is how i see it. anyone of faith is going to get raked over by the secular president, they should have been ready for that because that is what is going to happen. >> it's the big leagues. >> bill: i do believe there is an antichristian bias by main stream mid meeda in this country. i'm not wrong on this, you know i say i could be wrong? i'm not wrong f you're a christian and you tell voters that that your faith influences your decision making... the secular press is going to... >> they're going to try to destroy any republican
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nominee. >> bill: it's true but gets elevated for people like sara palin. >> of course it does. i know. >> bill: that is number one. >> there has to be a standard of excellence you meet. you're going to assume they're going to come out. of course. he's a texan. he's an evangelical. yes. >> bill: believe me that. makes them see, the "new york times" people, that makes them crazy. >> they hate them. >> bill: among his party more than any religion is his stance on illegal immigration. >> right. >> bill: that i will legal immigration was really what undercut his status. >> someone on stage against mitt romney could turn it on mitt romney. right? he can say i'm the only one on the stage who has been a border governor and dealt with this problem. you know? mitt there are a lot of new hampshire folks trying to jump the fence into massachusetts
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but that doesn't really cut it. oh, wait. no one comes from new hampshire to massachusetts because new hampshire has low taxes. you can make a joke bit. >> bill: you could. but when you have a record that says i oppose a border against -- fence ask i want to pay taxpayer dollars in state college tuition for illegal immigrants. >> romney is doing well with romney care. >> bill: it's not the same. it's two sides to the story this, one there aren't two sides? >> in general election i think it might not hurt rick perry. >> bill: herman cain? >> i'm going to give you, bill an a and talking points a b minus. >> we're the same. >> you refered to talking points in third person. i just. okay. got it. i like the analysis. however, what you have to remember about cain is that when the gallup organization did that poll that came out
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today, inside of the poll you find out only 61% of republican voters bill, and 61% of the republican voters and republican-leaning independents are familiar with herman cain. 80% know who mitt romney s that lowered cain's numbers. however, talking points is absolutely right about this. herman cain is popular on my vaido show and off the charts today with calls slamming our phone banks. they love him and he has to go beyond preaching to the choir and has to be someone who is not just a crush for conservatives. he has to be someone who is not just on a saturday night but who is a keeper. okay? we don't know that. there is a lot of questions about the 999 plan. >> bill: he has ideology down. but whether he has experience to deal with the unbelievable and tough problems? >> we'll see. >> bill: i don't know. it's a gamble.
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gambled on barack obama. there you go. thanks we have interesting mail on herman cain later on in the broadcast. next on the run down the obama administration attacking mitt romney. juan and mary catherine will analyze that and later whether it's constitutional to use it's constitutional to use predator drone missles to kill the markets never stop moving. of course, neither do i. solution: td ameritrade mobile. i can enter trades. on the run. even futures and forex. complex options? done. the market shifts... i get an alert. thank you. live streaming audio. advanced charts. look at that. all ght here. wherever "here" happens to be. mobile trading from td ameritrade. number one in online equity trades. trade commission-free for 30 days, plus get up to $500 when you open an account.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. president obama's reelection campaign being run by david axel rod out of chicago. yesterday he had a news conference with reporters. he used some of that time to hammer mitt romney. >> across the political spectrum people have the same question. if you are willing to change positions on fundamental issues of principle how can we know what you would do as president. how can we trust who you would be and that is the question they have in his own party. >> bill: , juan, from the statement by mr. axelrod, a serious man and a guy in charge of the reelection campaign, you would think that they are seeing governor romney as a threat. >> you are exactly right. i mean in political circles here in washington t is seen as inevitable right now. the reasons by the way that you
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outlined in the talking points memo. in the "wall street journal" nbc poll that you see is if you had a head-to-head contest and mitt romney is running against president obama it is about an even match. obama has a two-point lead, technically within the margin of error. herman cain is losing by double digits, more than 11 points and especially when you get to the in dependents it falls off. with the fact that herman cain only has $2 million in the bank versus mitt romney with 30 plus million and more coming in, chris christie endorsing him and big money that was going to go to christie, flowing to romney. >> bill: what about that independents don't really know herman cain. the more people get to know cain the more his popularity will go up. >> the fact is herman cain right now according to the polls are supported by people who are really strong conservatives, tea party people
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and the interesting outliar is a lot of college educated republicans who see him as something different and want a change in washington. but bill, i hate to quote you back to you but the fact is just what you said, you know, i have been sitting there in debates i asked herman cain a question about foreign policy. you know, i love herman cain and i think he is an interesting man. i support him. i'm proud of him. he doesn't know a lot about foreign policy and his big line is those guys in washington -- >> bill: eeoc could hire guys who -- he could hire guys who could tell him. >> he says you guys in washington have experience how is that working out to for you and the audience goes crazy. >> i think romney is not an inevans visitable choice. what has the entire race been about. the search for the nonromney. tim pawlenty never could be it. bachmann was the nonromney for a little while. perry, everyone wanted him to be that guy and when did not
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perform national debates, herman cain got the surge out of that even in the south where perry should be performing well. that is the surge to nominate whoever is next in line and move on toping th to to openina to somebody who is a bit less personned experienced. he has to be able to answer questions in depth about 99 and who his advisors are and will be and what the policies will be. he will get fire coming up because he is in the lead. >> bill: don't you think that barack obama would preterritories to run against herman cain than mitt romney? >> i think that herman cain probably has, a, because he is not known real well and b, because he is less moderate he has more of an uphill climb against independents but they are more conservative than they have been in the past. >> bill: they are looking for somebody to replace barack obama but faced with a moderate romney against a conservative, herman cain, the polls say that
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the indies will go to the moderate. if they were conservative they would be conservative. >> but independents according to polling by gallup are more conservative than they have been in the past many decades. >> bill: but labeled them conservative. >> but you have to have -- self-identified as conservative far more often. >> bill: you will tell me now that you feel herman cain has a legitimate chance to win the nomination. >> with him and perry fighting they give romney the chance to win. >> bill: answer my question. answer my question. does he have a legitimate chance? >> i think he has a chance but i would not say it as giant chance. >> bill: , all right, one, real quick. >> my point being that per arery and cain are splitting the nonromney conservative vote. >> bill: juan, in your opinion the percentage of a chance that herman cain would have to win the nomination is?
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>> i give him 25%. t really is if people decide it doesn't matter who wins, they just want someone to punch obama in the nose and bring the fire to obama. the fact is david axelrod is exactly right. >> that attack is old and busted. >> bill: i got to run. david axelrod talking about flip flopping. hello, i think you have a guy who has done a little bit of that. >> but he is not running for office. it is mitt romney not david axelrod. >> bill: all of these guys flip flop. president clinton says there should be no tax increase on the wealthy. wow. wheeler that. and then the wall street protesters behind the scenes. some of what they are doing is illegal. shocking. those reports, after these messages.
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>> bill: one of the leaders of the democratic party says no to hiking taxes on the rich. last night on the letterman program, bill clinton made his position clear. >> should you raise taxes on anybody right today, rich or poor or middle class? no. because there is no growth in the economy. should those of us who make more money and are in a better position to contribute to america's public needs and getting the deficit under control pay a higher tax rate? when the economy recovers, yes, that is what i think. >> bill: by the way, i will be on letterman this evening. we are talking a little bit about that interview. with us now, christopher hahn, democratic strategist, former aide to new york senator chuck schumer.
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schumer. >> that is not good news for president obama. >> he wants his tax increase to go into effect in 2013. i have to disagree with both of them. i think we should be increasing taxes on the wealthiest 1% of americans. i think it is unfair that warren buffett pays 17% and i pay 34%. >> you bought into the dishonest warren buffett thing. you don't know the difference between capital gains and income taxs. >> i do know the difference. >> bill: why would you lump them together. >> he makes his money by moving money around and i make my money by earning a pay check. >> bill: you think it should be the same? absolutely. >> maybe go back to the clinton tax breaks and we would be better off because people were investing at that time. >> bill: if you do raise taxes now you will damage the economy particularly if it is capital gains. the perception is all over the place and it hurts obama. it hurts him.
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kahuna democrathugh that saying the opposite. >> and i support him and i love him. the point he made that i agree with fundamentally always is that we do need to be spending to increase demand in the economy. creating infrastructure projects that is going to get the economy moving. >> bill: that is not going to happen. the republican party is saying you waste too much money. all right. it doesn't work. you just, you know, we will talk to lou dobbs tomorrow about the casino they set up, solyndra. it is a casino. you can't be doing with this tax money. they will say no, we are not going to spend any more. in the public sector, bring it to the private sector. i agree that those of us like myself who have prospered in america, owe our country a lot. i agree with you. and i would be willing to pay 5% more in income tax but only if i don't have to pay for $16
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muffins. you know the $16 muffin. >> i saw that. that must have been some muffin. >> bill: until there are no more $16 puffins and solyndras and solar powers and no more wasting my money i'm not going to give you another dime. >> you know what, everybody there is always going to be waste in government to -- >> bill: the philosophy is take the money and throw it out the window. >> i don't think so. >> bill: i could give you 50 examples. >> and every side has their set of waste and most was done in the military spending. remember in the military the $150,000 wrench. >> bill: why can't this be reformed. >> like whack a mole we have to keep putting it down some where. the president could propose to name every road in america ronald reagan highway. the republicans are not going to go there even if it is good for america. >> bill: not going spend money because of the $14.5 trillion
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debt. and not going to okay another spending bill from the obama administration when all the money already spent failed. they are not going to do it. >> the first stimulus was 800 -- >> bill: all the spending, obama care, everything else. you know as a democrat in the republican wins next year and the senate goes republican bye bye obama care. you know that, right? >> there will be pieces they will try to eliminate. >> bill: all of it. >> they have to get 60 votes and i don't know that they will get that. i know there is some executive reform by reconciliation. >> bill: ing ecktive order. >> there are parts that won't and the supreme court will say okay to the mandate. >> bill: want to bet? >> i will bet you. >> bill: okay, a dinner at langens across the street. >> if you win, langens. if i win -- >> bill: , no, going to be langens. plenty more ahead as the factor moves on this evening. city of new york booting the occupy wall street protesters
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out of park they have been squatting in. and then megyn kelly on whether
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new york city mayor michael bloomberg ordered the occupy wall street protesters to it leave the park they have been squatting in for three weeks. ilie activities. drug trafficking, sanitation problems. what about social aspects of the protest? here now the culture warriors, gretchen carlson from stanford, connecticut and mar rest hoover. neither woman would be seen within three miles of the protest. >> except i live two blocks from there. i live right around the corner. >> have you gone down? >> i brought you a newspaper last week. the occupy "wall street journal." >> tell me what the hoover eyewitness report is. crack heads down there? what are they doing. >> not crack heads. soft drugs. >> bill: what are soft drugs? >> marijuana.
2:30 am
you know, stuff that you inhale. although there are report of heroin as well. the new york post reported there have been heroin exchanges. >> if you were a dope dealer and you have all the people that may be customers that is where you would go. >> a counter culture collective down there. >> bill: you walk down from your lavish apartment two blocks away and here with the rif-raff and smelling marijuana. >> i haven't smelled it. my husband has and my neighbors have. i smell it in parks in new york city sometimes. >> reporter: i know you wouldn't go anywhere near this. >> that is not really the point. >> bill: the city of new york, the police commissioner don't want the people there anywhere. the park is owned by a private concern. three weeks is enough. having sex outside at night and all of this stuff. this is the report. thatth is what they are being reported. >> right.
2:31 am
>> bill: does that say anything about the entire movement? >> well, let me, first of all, say that there are reports tonight that they are not going to leave when they are asked to leave tonight. >> they will. you know the new york city p.d. they will leave. >> and also mayor bloomberg said they could come back after the park is clean. >> but can't bring tents and sleeping bags. >> because the private company that owns the park apparently can put the regulations on there. okay. having said that, what do i think it says about the movement? new york magazine polled 100 of the people down there. here is what i find interesting. most are in their 20s and they believe that canada is how america should become which says socialism to me. >> bill: they like canada. >> and they like denmark second where anything goes. shocking. >> bill: i love canada and denmark so maybe i should join the group. i know as you are talking about, the stat most important in the article you are referring to is that 34% of these people believe the united states is the same as al-qaeda. >> right. >> bill: there is no difference. that we are both evil. 34% is a lot to have that
2:32 am
looney point of view. >> let me make my final point which is 39 of the 100 polled, only 39 voted in the last mid term election. 55 did not. and the only way that this group is going to be effective is voting. that is what america is all about. if they want to organize like the tea party and actually select people to go to congress that is the next step. not coming back to the park. >> bill: they already selected al franken. >> they are not mainstream. this is a fringe group. we understand this is a fringe group. the reason the group has gotten steam in the past is because they orchestrated conflict that has created -- >> media catch. >> the movement got all the attention first when it escalated across the brooklyn bridge. what do you think will happen when the cops try to pull the kids out of the square. >> bill: it will be another day. what are they supposed to do let them stay there. >> take them out and clean it up and let them. >> bill: not going to let them back.
2:33 am
and you know how much cost to do this. >> that is why they are saying they are not going to move. >> bill: they are going to move and i will predict that this thing is now on the decline. a lot of people including our pal glen beck saying this is going to spread and cboin goine big, i'm going to say no. the democratic party is going to move away from it because they can't be aligned with these people. >> that was my next point, bill. >> 34 unions joined causes with that. >> bill: but the union, they are doing that for other reasons. go ahead, carlson. >> i said this last week on this show it would be dangerous for any politician to align with this movement injuries the question you have to ask yourself is the president has been on the record for the last six months talking about millionaires and billionaires and many people accused him of class warfare dialogue. are these protests a result of that because that shows me a tremendous at of divide in the country. >> bill: that is not fair. i think they were funded by the
2:34 am
george soros moveon. lincoln and the soros money to the agitators. >> the soros money funded the original group ad busters but the last time he directly funded it was seven years ago. a lot of soros money -- because it is -- >> bill: everywhere. >> and small amounts to the progressive groups that are progressive groups. >> bill: did you see invasion of the body snatchers where if you went to sleep you became an alien. that is like soros money. >> the irony, i can't have a serious point after you did that on your head. >> bill: when we come back, amnesty international wants president bush arrested when goes to canada next week. and would it be legal for the usa to attack iranian leaders with drone missiles.
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>> bill: thanks fort staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. in the kelly file segment. attorney general eric holder supermodel penaed. amnesty international wants president obama arrested. would it be constitutional to attack iranian leaders using predator drone missiles? new fox news anchor megyn kelly. this is the alleged terror plot and just today hillary clinton saying hey, we are convinced top echelons of the iranian government knew about this and paid money to make sure it happen the. what do we do? >> it as political question for president obama and a military question for him but not much of a legal question because legally he can do it. if he wants to do it -- >> bill: so there is no difference between killing bin
2:39 am
laden, al-awlaki with a drone. >> we can go after iran and start a about military conflict with iran. >> bill: with the drones. >> boom. >> look what we did in libya. it as lot more than what you are talking about right now. and he didn't seek congressional authority. although he should have technically under the law. even if he didn't, which he didn't, no one has ever gone after a president for doing this. >> bill: legally, he could take the mullahs and ahmadinejad out and say you try to do this on our soil, here is what happens to you. >> technically an imminent threat against the homeland. >> bill: i think blowing up the embassy in washington is a threat. >> but t has been stopped. >> bill: the threat is still there. whew is to say they wouldn't do it again. >> the definition of imminent threat is pretty broad so he
2:40 am
can make that argument and if he can't he needs congressional statutory authority which he doesn't have but presidents have been blowing that off for 40 years. >> bill: if president obama wanted to he could drone these guys. >> legally. >> bill: eric holder the attorney general receives a subpoena today. tell me about that. >> issa is subpoenaing the attorney general and other top officials and wants all information about operation fast and furious internial awith the white house. he wants it all and wants it to be unredacted. >> bill: is he entitled to get that? >> i think so. he is. eric holder says that he will comply with the subpoena. >> bill: they will get every memo and all of the conversations. >> i didn't say they would get it. he is entitled to it. >> bill: holder says he is going to comply. >> trust me, itle be h heavily redacted and they will
2:41 am
assertions of privilege and reasons not to produce at all. >> bill: then goes into a never ending legal thing for years until the supreme court has to say this is what you give me and this is what you don't. that is what you think is going to happen? >> they might produce enough that the true story will come out about who knew what and when about operation fast and furious. in the absence of that there will have to be a leaker who tells us that there is something there that they are not producing. they are lawyers at the department of justice. >> bill: the same thing that happened to the bush administration about water boarding. >> it is not the crime, it is the coverup. it operation has been in place for years. the problem for eric holder is the department of justice has been withholding the full story on this from the beginning. first they told congress the operation didn't exist. not true. then d.o.j. had nothing to do with it. not true. then eric holder said he only learned about the operation in april or march of 2011.
2:42 am
then they produced documents that show. >> bill: the documents came out. >> let me finish. this is an important point. ten months earlier he had been receiving briefings about t it. then the d.o.j. came out and told fox news there is a difference between knowing about an operation and knowing about the controversial aspects of the operation. okay, that is the explanation. no, it wasn't. eric holder comes out a couple of days after that and says no i'm sticking to my original statement that i didn't know even about the operation. they can't even get their story straight within the department of justice. >> bill: this is an important store arery. now, you, they say holder is done, he will have to resign. >> i don't know about that. >> bill: you don't -- >> i don't know about that. i do think they have an obligation to be fully forth coming. >> they could stonewall it for a year until the next election. >> and president obama loves eric holder and says he has his full confidence. president going to canada to
2:43 am
give a speech and they want the mounties to grab him for what? >> because they say he committed war crimes when authorized in their words torture. >> bill: the same old stuff. >> yes. >> and they figure the canadian government might be sympathetic to this. >> they feel that president obama has been derelict in duties in not arresting the former president. >> bill: what are the odds that the mountie's surround bush's hotel and kick the door in? >> i would say between slim and none and slim is on vacation? >> that would be war and then we would have to invade canada. >> this was once a legitimate group, amnesty international. this kind of stuff does not help their cause. >> bill: it is like the aclu. >> they want it too,. >> bill: the hardcore far left people giving them money. they are not going to congress anybody else.onvince
2:44 am
>> do they go to canada and say they want fidel castro arrested? >> bill: in a monthly great american news quiz the military edition, part two. then, hulk hogan and me. there may be a pinhead involved. we're coming right back as "the factor" continues all across you go next if you had a hoveround power chair? the statue of liberty? the grand canyon? it's all possible with a hoveround. tom: hi i'm tom kruse, inventor and founder of hoveround. when we say you're free to see the world, we mean it. call today and get a free hoveround information kit that includes a video and full color brochure. dennis celorie: "it's by far the best chair i've ever owned." terri: "last year, 9 out of 10 people got their hoveround for little or no money." jim plunkitt: "no cost. absolutely no cost to me." breaking news...when you call today, we'll include a free hoveround collapsible grabber with
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>> bill: tonight the great american news quiz. the military edition part two. squeaked itoocy week squeake out over maccallum.
2:48 am
>> if you would like to sign up for great prizes go to bill o'reilly .com. a close one. i have harder questions. >> great. >> here we go. question no. one, the movie a few good men portrays a dramatic military trial. >> colonel jackson, did you order -- >> you don't have to answer that question. >> i will answer the question. you want answers? i think i'm entitled. >> you want answers? >> i want the truth! >> you can't handle the truth! >> whoa. >> bill: in the film crews plays a lawyer in the jag corps. what does that stand for. what does jag stand for? cards up, please. and the answer is correct, judge advocate general. doocy lost his first. bend down and get that up. okay, very good.
2:49 am
>> bill: hey. obviously you didn't have to be coordinated to be on fox and friends. >> motor skills the first thing to go. >> bill: question no. two. the japanese signed a surrender agreement officially ending world war ii. it was held in tokyo bay on the deck of what u.s. ship? a, uss massachusetts. b, uss missouri. c, cards up, please. and the answer is -- roll the tape. >> the battleship, missouri, takes her place in tokyo bay for the official surrender of japan. the end of the greatest war. >> bill: ms. is martha didn't know it. doocy. >> bill: did know it but dropped another card. >> bill: question he number three. murphy was the most decorated american soldier during world war ii.
2:50 am
after the war, murphy became a celebrity starring in a movie about himself. what was the name of the film? start it. cards up, please. and the answer is -- roll the tape. >> to hell and back. the true story of the most decorated soldier in the history of the united states. >> bill: now, you guys should have known that even though it was before your time. all right. and i write about that extensively in pin heads and patriots. murphy was an amazing guy. all right. he is from texas. farm kid like 5'4" and killed more than 300 germans by himself. and the movie, i remember being a little kid seeing that movie and my father dragged me in there and i really didn't know what was going on but i remember sitting in the movie
2:51 am
theater watch "to hell and back." if you don't know about him, pick up pin heads and patriots. you should know about him. he ask amazing. question no. four. which hall of fame baseball player won the most valuable player award back in 1936. mvp right back from the military. who was he? cards up, please. and the answer is -- roll the tape. >> pitches. william swings. a high drive going deep, deep. it is a homerun! >> all right. teddy baseball. doocy wins. >> there is another question? >> bill: you have no idea where you are tonight. all right? >> i'm on the o'reilly factor. wake me up when it's over. >> bill: i know, i know. well, it is over but we will do question no. five anyway.
2:52 am
during world war ii american cartoonist tion were enlisted to help with the war effort by making propaganda films. which famous disney character was shown having a nightmare about working for the nazis? cards up, please. and we will roll the tape again. >> bill: no truth to the humor hank williams did the soundtrack. >> oh, oh, did i just say that? i don't know what i'm doing. >> get that knife out of my back. >> bill: i don't know what i'm doing here. >> bill: doocy wins and maccallum is embarrassed. p and p moments away.
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>> bill: pin heads and patriots showing me and hulk hogan in a moment. sales continue to surge for my new book "killing lincoln." we posted viewer reviews on bill o'reilly .com. i like to do that so you can see what other people are talking about. in other mail, brad ginn, virginia beach.
2:55 am
bill, your segment with charles krauthammer was small minded. you assume herman cain can't win with no facts to back it up. not assuming anything, brad and i use poll numbers to back up my analysis. they are facts. cain polls poorly with independents because they don't know him yet. i think that is valid point. >> bill: your privilege, rick, but the republican in name only stuff kind of dumb. both parties should have room for a variety of opinions. mar rest roberts, grand marais, michigan. o'reilly, while you and miller made interesting observations about the occupy wall street protesters you missed one big one. most of them are white. i think they might be racist. very nice satire, margaret.
2:56 am
signed copy of pin heads and patriots in paperback coming your way. lou from chandler, arizona. bill, how do you get the ankle bracelet off miller every week? >> not easy. when are you coming south? >> we will be at the landmark theaterrer in richmond, virginia, on friday, november 26. former capital of the confederacy and beck and i were in new orleans last year. y'all come. is that -- did i say that correctly? pa tripatricia nixon. although i'm nauseated at the thought of 13 more republican debates i will watch as many as i can because i have yet to decide who the best candidate it. julie mills. your book on abraham lincoln opened my eyes to the real man. i know now him like a good friend. >> makes me feel great because mycoauthor and i set out to bring you the real president
2:57 am
lincoln. now, i'm going to give one of these facts to everybody, steve. did you guys know that the assassin john willsion wilkes d a fiancee at the time and she was stepping out with president lincoln's son? did you know that? and finally tonight, pin heads and patriots. hulk hogan made an appearance on fox and friends in morning and things quickly got out of hand. >> tomorrow on the big show, rick perry who wants to be the president is going to screen us. bill o'reilly the most powerful man in cable will be here and linda evans from dynasty. >> and the only man who could beat up bill o'reilly hulk hogan is here. >> i think he is bigger than me. he is a monster. i met him a couple of times.
2:58 am
way up there. >> bill: i think i would be a big pin head if i get in the ring with ho hogan. i am going to wear a bandana tomorrow with the sunglasses on top. get me one. i will match the tie. and maybe i can't grow that handlebar quick enough. hulk hogan. he could beat the starch out of me. that is it for us tonight. check out the factor website which is different from bill captioned by closed captioning services, inc. whraps word of the day do not be a blooter when righting to the factor. themhe words we will put them together in a christmas stocking thing for you. really a lot of fun. a heads up. it is the middle of october already i can't believe it. we have all of our little words and it all goes to charity, ladies and gentlemen, so bear with me, okay.
2:59 am
thanks for watching us tonight. i'li will remember that the spn stops here because we are captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> tgif, everyone. it's friday, october 14th. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part your day with us. it's an occupy wall street showdown today, why? protesters are being told to clear out. but some say they're going to refuse this action. we are live from the scene straight ahead. >> meanwhile, it's the most recognized plan in america. but how did herman cain come up with 999? >> i also have a number of other well recognized economists that helped me to develop this 999 plan. it didn't come off a pizza box. no, it was well studied and well developed. >> this morning, we know more about who he's talking about about who helped him with


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